I found Dr. Purcott during such a hard time in my life. I was 10 months postpartum and had been living in this pandemic blur and I could no longer see all my sufferings because of the neglect of doctors before her. I was in bad shape and every doctor before her wrote me off, saying it was just postpartum issues and mental health issues. But really I was suffering from an undiagnosed pubis fracture and untreated pelvic organ prolapse that became severely infected and I was later rushed into emergency surgery with UCSD. Sometimes you can’t help who you work for and during that time she was working for Palomar and they did me no favors postpartum while trying to heal from an undiagnosed pubis fracture and untreated pelvic prolapse & raise my first born son. I often heard – idk where your pain is coming from. You shouldn’t have any. Anyways, Dr. Purcott help me find my voice and fight for myself and my health. Shame on Palomar. Thank you for all your love and support Dr. Purcott!!!

– Jodi, June 2022

She was so nice from the very beginning. Made me feel comfortable and listened to me ramble on. She treated me like a person instead of a patient which is important to me.

– San Diego Patient, May 2022

She made me feel like we were best friends from the moment she walked in the door! She listened to all my concerns, gave great feedback, and was very proactive about treatment.

– San Diego Patient, April 2022